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“A riveting cautionary tale of a flawed and juryless justice system. It stands out among human rights documentaries for its exceptional pacing and attention to detail.”

—Joan Pedzich, Library Journal

“A deeply moving and troubling film and an effective educational tool. The film provokes critical thought and compels viewers to examine how key social institutions—the courts, the media—have functioned and how they can go wrong. Useful to journalism students, law students, narrative and documentary reporting, and social science students.”

—Sheila S. Coronel, Professor
Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University

“A great story, expertly told. While I showed my students many documentaries, never have I seen them as galvanized and passionate as they were when I showed them Give UpTomorrow. A harrowing and infuriating tale of corruption, incompetence and injustice on an incredible scale.”

—Seth Shire, Sociology Department, CUNY Queens College

“Hard to turn away from…The miscarriage of justice recounted in Give Up Tomorrow, filmed over six years, is so comprehensive as to be disorienting.”

—The New York Times