• TheNewYorkTimes copyThe New York Times Review

    “Jaw-dropping” and “hard to turn away from”

  • Variety reviews Give Up Tomorrow

    “A remarkably cogent docu… Docus about abuses of justice abound, but few present complicated events in so concrete, linear, and compelling a fashion”

  • The Huffington Post on Give Up Tomorrow

    “This film about a man who never stops believing, his courageous family and the unfortunate power of corruption at its worst, is a must see…”

  • Unseen films reviews Give Up Tomorrow

    “This is one of the best films I’ve seen this year…also the most important film I’ve seen.
    The film has revelations from start to finish…after 95 minutes your mind will be blown. You need to see this film.”

  • Libertas magazine reviews Give Up Tomorrow

    “One of the few documentaries alleging a miscarriage of justice that is fully one hundred percent convincing, Tomorrow should provoke outrage throughout the Philippines (and Spain).”

  • The Examiner reviews Give Up Tomorrow

    “One of the top festival experiences I have ever been a part of… a deliberately paced, edge of your seat mystery/thriller…heroic and daring captures of moments it would seem impossible to preserve, but they pulled it off.”

  • NOW THEN magazine reviews Give Up Tomorrow

    “Give Up Tomorrow works both as an exceptional documentary and as an enthralling, heart-breaking story… a tense and terrifying piece of cinema.”

  • The Guardian reviews Give Up Tomorrow

    “…one of those stories for which the word Kafkaesque was both invented and yet wholly inadequate… As well-paced and engrossing as any thriller while incalculably more harrowing…An incredible story, beautifully and persuasively told.”

  • The Inquirer Global Nation reviews Give Up Tomorrow

    “Give Up Tomorrow is an eloquent, persuasive yet sober documentary. If you get a chance, see this film. And be filled with despair and rage.”

  • The FilAm reviews Give Up Tomorrow

    “There is something Kennedyesque about the story of Paco Larrañaga…“Give up Tomorrow,” captures every chilling detail of his conviction as well as the haphazard investigation”

  • Sundance Institute interview with Give Up Tomorrow filmmakers

    “In a genre of film so swamped with tales of injustice and corruption, the documenting of yet another enduring soul could feel almost stale-but it doesn’t. Collins and Syjuco joined up with Editor Eric Daniel Metzgar this past June at the Sundance Institute Documentary Edit and Story Lab to work on this project Give Up Tomorrow.”

  • New York Press reviews Give Up Tomorrow

    “From the World Documentary Competition, the astounding Give Up Tomorrow exposes injustice in the Phillipines as a young boy spends 14 years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit.”

  • Strategic Stiletto discusses Give Up Tomorrow

    “We are worlds apart and yet I’ve learned enough about your story to know you could have been my brother. And this makes me feel closer to a man I do not know at all.”

  • ACLU discusses Give Up Tomorrow

    “Festival patrons were startled that any criminal justice system could be so brutal and unjust, and many were brought to tears… The criminal justice system in our country suffers from many of the same problems as that of the Philippines highlighted in the movie — and in some cases, we are guilty of much worse.”

  • More Than a Film Review: Give Up Tomorrow

    “I felt like they were telling me a story from some far-off country where drug lords run amok. But they were telling me a story from the country I grew up in. They were telling me a story I heard over the television and that my own family had discussed round the dinner table.”