GUT wins Human Rights Award at Docs Barcelona

After receiving the TV3 Human Rights Award at Docs Barcelona. (L) Marty Syjuco, Joan Salvat (Director of the Documentary Department of TV3) Joan Ubeda (Producer/Managing Director at Media 3.14), Michael Collins, Joan González, director of Docs Barcelona.

It has been an eventful few months for Give Up Tomorrow. We recently had a particularly exciting trip to Spain, beginning at Docs Barcelona. Thanks to Paco’s campaign team on the ground, we had 3 sold out screenings. The audiences were passionate with their support and eager to join the Free Paco Now campaign. We collected hundreds of letters directed to the Spanish president and attracted the attention of the biggest publications in Spain.

We were also happy to be reunited with our old friend and mentor Joan Ubeda who produced the first film we made on Paco’s case in 2005 for Spanish Television. Together we gave a master class to share our experiences over the years. Our stay ended on a high note when we were given Human Rights Award. PHOTOS FROM DOCS BARCELONA

From Barcelona we went to Madrid to meet with our friends and partners at Amnesty International, the newspaper Qué, and Avalon Productions. We will have some exciting news to share about distribution in Spain coming very soon!

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