10 Years Ago Today: Death Sentence for Chiong Seven


10 years ago today Paco and his 6 co-accused were sentenced to death by the Supreme Court after waiting 7 years for a decision. They went beyond the findings of the lower court and elevated the sentence from Life to Death by Lethal Injection. Luckily the death penalty was abolished, but they all remain in prison – where they’ve all been for nearly 17 years.

ALL OF THESE MEN ARE UNDOUBTEDLY INNOCENT. Paco has the strongest case which is why we focus on him in Give Up Tomorrow. Proving his innocence and getting him released will help them all.

Each of these men has a family who have been suffering along with them for nearly 2 decades. Please help us end this injustice. Share their story. Tell your friends and family about their struggle. Help us free the Chiong 7. Help us Free Paco Now


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